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Domestic Land Transport 2019.05.28

Domestic Land Transport

1. Transportation has the essential attributes of production. The production process of transportation is linked by certain production relations. People with la…

International Land Transport 2019.05.28

International Land Transport

transportation refers to the logistics activities that use specific equipment and tools to transport goods from one place to another. It is the spatial displace…

Domestic Air Transport 2019.05.28

Domestic Air Transport

technical equipment is the material basis for realizing air transportation. It mainly includes routes, airports, aircraft and communication and navigation facil…

International Air Transport 2019.05.28

International Air Transport

Air transport refers to the use of aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft to transport personnel, goods and mail. Passengers, luggage, cargo and mail are tran…

Domestic maritime transport 2019.05.28

Domestic maritime transport

In October 2001, the BDI index of the international dry bulk market dropped to 845, the lowest level in the whole year. The index rose slightly in 2002, but not…

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